Metal Armor® FAQs

Q. Why are the Metal Armor® "Kits" better to use instead of your polish and a rag?

A. For the BEST polishing results, Metal Armor® Polishes and Sealants work to their optimum best when used with the specially designed Applicators and Removal Accessories included in our "Kits". The use of the correct scratchless applicators and removal accessories are as important as the use of the Metal Armor Polishes themselves. They work together to give the best optimum results and to take the polishing job to the next level! In the "kits", we supply all that is needed to do the polishing job as quickly and as easily as possible. Our "polishing process" creates outstanding results quickly and easily. The reasons for including the specially designed pads, applicators and removal accessories is we don't want the customer using items that they don't know will scratch the polishing surface. Old socks, terry cloth towels, poor grade / cheap micro fiber towels, old tee shirts (especially ones with silk screen images on them). A Rag, shirt, sock, terry cloth towel etc .etc. will not give you the same results. You will be scratching the surface your trying to polish smooth. With our combination of products along with following our "polishing process" steps you will be polishing the from start to finish for the best optimum results.

Q. Aren't all Micro-fiber cloths the same?

A. Micro-fiber cloth are not all the same. We supply "Optical Quality" micro fiber in our kits. They are very close looped so not to embed any foreign materials (which will scratch) and are very easy to clean. "Optical quality" is designed for cleaning camera lenses, eye glasses, telescope lenses, etc. etc. and made not to scratch.

Q. How does Metal Armor® work?

A. Metal Armor® polishes are formulated to work on MOST hard surfaces. It is a "progressive" process and produces superior long-lasting results when applied as directed. The more you use it, the more brilliant the result! Metal Armor® works because it uses a "chemical-mechanical" or "lapping" process that "micro-sands" and "polishes" the surface. The base formulas include registered "trade secrets" which have proven themselves with over 25 years of commercial and industrial usage. Not only do the products polish but they also impregnate the surface with a material that acts like an "armor coating," which greatly retards the oxidation process, removes and helps prevent water spots from staining, does not finger print and best of all.... our products are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, PLEASANT SMELLING, and SAFE FOR YOUR HANDS. The cutting edge technology used to produce these innovative products leaves a "jewelers quality finish" that is only achieved by using the Metal Armor® suggested application techniques.

Q. What backing does Metal Armor® Products have (additional information)?

A. All Metal Armor® polish formulas are safe to use, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The products are manufactured in the USA in a 9001-2000 ISO approved laboratory and are blended under strict international guidelines to insure the highest standards of both quality and consistency. These are the standards that the commercial industries rely on. The formulas are used worldwide in a variety of "high end" industrial applications. SAFE to use on all metals, paints, hard plastics and many other hard surface applications.

Q. What makes the Metal Armor® Polishes so much better than all of the other paint polishes on the market today?

A. Metal Armor® Polishes are not your typical polishes. They have no waxes, resins, polymers, or silicones. Metal Armor® Polishes when applied properly micro-polishes the scratches in the surface of the paint, bonding with the paint at the molecular level as opposed to waxes and polymers that just layer on top of the paint. Metal Armor® ingredients have a negative charge. Static Free. Because of this there is an exchange of electrons that occurs between the product and the surface it is being applied to. This exchange of electrons creates a long lasting covalent bond thus Metal Armor® becomes part of the paint turning into a hardened glass shield. Since this product does not just layer on top of the surface, you will get a much deeper, richer and longer lasting shine.

Q. Does Metal Armor® filter out harmful sun rays?

A. Yes, Metal Armor® Polish will help the fight against harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun. This is a key feature of Metal Armor® because it is well known that the sun is the No.1 reason for oxidation to the paint.

Q. Will Metal Armor® repair oxidation?

A. Yes, in many cases not only will Metal Armor® polishes remove the oxidized surface, it will replenish with materials to drastically reduce the reoccurrence of oxidation to most polished surfaces.

Q. What types of surfaces can Metal Armor® be used on?

A. Metal Armor® products works successfully on Chrome, Glass, Plastic, Fiber-glass, Marble, Onyx, Corian®, All Metals, Magnesium, Aluminum, smooth plastics, lense covers, headlights, tail lights, marker lights, showers, household appliances, and much much more.

Q. Can I apply Metal Armor® Products to my polished exhaust system or other hot engine parts?

A. Yes, Metal Armor® Final Polish and Sealant will withstand up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How long does Metal Armor® last?

A. Our tests show that Metal Armor® products will outlast any other products out there today. Metal Armor® will provide years of protection. Protecting the surface from UV Rays and from oxidization etc. etc.

Q. Will Metal Armor® prevent oxidation from the elements?

A. Yes, waxes and polymers tend to form surface tension (for water beading). Surface tension alone does not protect polished surfaces. Metal Armor® Products will enhance the polished surfaces for longer durations of time.

Q. How does Metal Armor® repel dust, debris, dirt and other compounds from sticking to the surface so well?

A. No Melt Down Problem. In high temperatures, waxes will tend to break down and become a magnet for dust, debris, insects, bird droppings, etc. etc. which all will attract when it gets hot from the sun. Metal Armor® does not have that problem. Surfaces treated with Metal Armor® tend to stay cleaner and shinier for longer periods of time and much easier to clean the surface. Waxes when broken down from heat, or washed with many kinds of soaps, will smear and wipe off to leave the surface open to the elements. Metal Armor does not break down, smear or wash off.

Q. What are some of the advantages of using Metal Armor® Products?

A. Friendly to people, safe on hands, non-caustic materials used to make Metal Armor® Products. No harmful chemicals are inside Metal Armor® Polishes, such as ammonia and petrol-chemicals. Ammonia and petrol-chemicals will eat up and break down polishing surfaces such as buffing pads, foam applicators, etc .etc. over time. Metal Armor® will not.