Eagle Beanie-Glossy Black

Eagle Beanie-Glossy Black

    Eagle Beanie-Glossy Black

    Price: $21.00

    Code: EB-GB

    Product Details:

    The Eagle Beanie resembles the Bullet Beanie with a more horizontal bottom edge.

    It has no visor and has the basic liner.

    All helmets have a y-strap with a quick release buckle.

    Voss helmets are made from a unique blend of high tech plastics that make for a super light weight helmet without sacrificing strength.

    Warning to the User:

    The Voss helmets we offer are not Department of Transportation (DOT) approved and therefore are not intended for motor vehicle usage. They are for novelty purposes only. They do not meet any safety standards of any description, manufacturer and/or it's agent (i.e. Foxhill Farm Leather, LLC). We will not assume any responsibility and/or liability in the event of head or neck injury, unexpected accidents, death, etc., resulting from the use of this product.